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Our range of cleaning and disinfecting solutions are suitable for businesses and industries where the highest level of safety is paramount—including hospitality, food processing, child care and healthcare.

The absence of alcohol means our products can be used consistently and repeatedly, with no damage or drying to the skin.

To order our products for your business, contact us at or browse the collection online in smaller quantities.

Doing more with less

Once upon a time, you’d need one product to clean, one to disinfect, and another to effectively sanitise. Seed does all three—saving you time, money, and minimising the number of solutions you need in your home, or business.

Long lasting defence

Seed products work, and keep working, long after they’re applied. In fact, our patented formulas create chemical reactions that kill viruses and harmful pathogens in 30 seconds, and keep on killing for up to 24 hours after.

Globally recognised

Today, Seed Organics products are recognised on an international scale as the most effective, environmentally safe, and pH neutral commodities of their kind. Our products are TGA Approved, USEPA (United States Environment Protection Agency) certified, and MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) approved as log-6 sanitisation and disinfection.

Safer for people & the planet via inside-out sustainability

From the way we source ingredients, to our fully recyclable packaging, we’re doing our part to preserve our environment, minimise single-use plastic in Australian homes, and reduce the quantities of artificial chemicals returning to the earth each day. We use recyclable bottles — and encourage you to re-fill them when you need to.

All natural, powerfully effective

Log reductions indicate how effective a product is at reducing Colony Forming Units. The greater the log reduction, the more efficient the solution. Seed Organics has a log reduction of 6, the highest possible measure, meaning only 1 germ out of 1 million will survive, using a 99.9999% kill rate. Most popular cleaning & disinfecting solutions sit at an average of log 3 including the major supermarket & cleaning brands plus they are full of toxic chemicals & in the case of hand sanitisers, have high alcohol levels.

Australian Made & Owned

Our local community is at the core of Seed Organics and we treasure our position as a trusted provider to schools and many other businesses. Pictured is our founder Nate Dureau when donating some of our non-toxic cleaning products to Ronald McDonald House helping them keep their residents safe during these vulnerable times.